Creative Ways to Use Thomas and Friends as Teaching Tool

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October 30, 2018

Creative Ways to Use Thomas and Friends as Teaching Tool

Do you know that Thomas and Friends books can be used to teach social skills to your kids? Well, it might sound surprising to many, the popular Thomas and Friends series is popular with kids, adults and those suffering from autism as well. The books can be used to teach a number of skills to kids and the well constructed toys can be used to develop social communication in kids.

Mentioned below are few ways in which Thomas and Friends books can be used to engage your child and as a teaching tool.

Helps Them Learn Facial Expressions

Thomas and his friends do run a number of emotions and you can find anything from happy to sad or the engines that are anxious, embarrassed and scared. The books too include these expressions and you can imitate them with your child, and try naming each of them. This way they get to learn various kinds of facial expressions, the fun way.

Play Out the Emotions

Did you ever notice the pecking order in Thomas and Friends? If you do, you can observe that the express passenger engines are treated like royalty and the freight cars are placed at the bottom. You can use such situations in the story to teach kids all about anger, empathy, triumph and frustration.

Teach Colour and Number Recognition

You can teach colours and number using the books of Thomas and Friends. Just ask simple questions while reading out like “What colour is Thomas?” Or “Can you find a red freight car?”

Likewise you can use the number of the Thomas engines to teach number recognition to kids. If you have the toys you can even ask the child to line them up in the correct order, or do it backwards and so on.

Build Abstract Thinking Skills

You can use books to teach abstract thinking skills. You can build up some “what is going to happen next” kind of conversations. Your child will slowly start gaining the needed skills and will soon infer as to what the character is thinking or feeling or is planning to do. You can start by asking simple questions like, “Thomas has plunged into a ditch on page two, what do you think is going to happen in the next page?”

These are some of the best ways you can use Thomas and Friends books to teach skills to your child. You can now shop for gently used Thomas and Friends book online at Click here to check the available books in this series.

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